Home Tips 101:5 Must Things In Study Room For Kids

Study Room
Study Room

Colours : Red colour must be avoided as it can be too exciting and hence result in loss of focus. Yellow, Green, blue and orange colours create a warm and soothing ambience and aid concentration.

Desk and chair : Should have round edges to prevent any injuries. The chair should be high enough so that the armrest is at the same level as the edge of the table. This will help keep the spine straight.

Room Climate : Too hot or too cold a place will cause discomfort and loss of concentration. Comfortable temperature falls in the ballpark range of 18 to 23 degree Celsius.

Light : The child should be allotted the brightest and most naturally lit room of the house. A study focus lamp on the table that secludes the study area from the rest of the room could help the child be more focused.

Storage : A number of storage tools can be used for this purpose including storage baskets, wall pocket hanging, utensil holder, closets, bookshelves and drawers. The kid’s workspace may not necessarily be very spacious and hence clever storage will be needed to optimize the space. Proper storage does not only make the place look clean, it also ensures quick and easy access to the things.

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