Home Tips 101: Must Have Kitchen Appliances

Home Tips Kitchen Appliances
Home Tips Kitchen Appliances

Your modular kitchen is incomplete without these super-smart auto culinary aids.

  • Drop is the ultimate baking assistant for your kitchen – connected kitchen scale helps you weigh accurately plus the ipad connected display has stored up recipes; just follow it step by step. It can also be connected to android app and you can simply punch in leftovers to get a recipe that with what’s available with you. Lastly a refill remainder for your stocks.


  • Optimum grilling of steak was never this easy without Optimum grill’s 6 dedicated cooking programs. With auto-electronic features you can select the intensity of grilling effect plus defrost your frozen chicken or meat rapidly.


  • Eggs seems an inevitably dominating component of regular meals; Rollie eggmaster  spare you off the dripping yolk and messy egg preparations that tends to stick on the pan.  Incorporated with vertical cooking technology rollies roll out perfectly cooked eggs every single time.


Besides the smart appliances, do not forget to get trongs for luscious finger-food and grab a Citrus Spray to add dash of lemon without the tug-war.

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