Home Tips 101: How to Choose the Best paint for your Home

Home Tips Best Paint
Home Tips Best Paint

The colour psychology plays an imperative role in setting up the right mood; it’s a huge turn off otherwise. Choosing the right colour is a challenge, as the right paint helps this entire “colour up” scheme to work in sync and associates a unique feel to every corner of your household.

  • Imagination is important – you need have a vivid picture of how you want your house space to look like and be able to connect it particular colour that somewhat roughly relate to the tone you intend to impart.


  • Hue and saturation comes next; it adds intensity to the liveliness that a fresh coat of paint has to offer. In simpler terms it’s about deciding on the shade; however you better try a few test patches to check which one makes your visualisations come alive.


  • Finally don’t stick to a room as whole creating a distinct focal point enhances its appeal; get bold try contrasting colour. With 3:1 ratio of light pastel n dark wall paints you can also bring about visual effect to expand or trim down a room’s stretch.

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