Home Tips 101: Best Hammocks For Willing Away The Summer

Home Tips Hammocks
Home Tips Hammocks

The very mentioning of the word hammock brings in a yawn on the face and the advent of summer is even more inviting for a lazing mind. Choosing the right style depends on how and where the buyer intends to use it. Here are a few tips to choose the right type.

Brazilian Hammocks use heavy, closely woven cotton fabrics that are more durable than hammocks made of woven string. Their thick cotton materials can keep owners warm on cool days and breezy summer evenings.

Nicaraguan hammocks are closely woven supportive nets. They can make a relaxing floating bed in the backyard, and its ornamental design and breathable fabric make it usable indoors.

Mayan Hammocks are rugged and can hold considerable weight, even with thinner strings.

Venezuelan or jungle hammocks are inline hammocks much like the old, naval canvas hammocks useable around water and in areas infested by flying insects.

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